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This is now THE OVUHS Alumni Site for the use of all classes but in particular... Classes from 1962 - 1981!

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Class of '62

Baker (LaRock), Susan
Bertrand (Reynolds), Annette

Class of '63

Baker (Bird), Carol
Hooker, Melvin
Johnson, Bruce

Pagano, Eugene

Class of '64

Baker, Rod
Duell, Marsha
Eugair, Robert
Raleigh, Robert
Warner (Eugair), Sharon

Class of '65

Bailey (Spellman), Laura
Bertrand (Stewart), Annie
Boone (Kessler), Julia
Ferson (Pratt), Sue
Giddings, Henry
Hamilton (Colburn), Darlene
Leonard (King), Marcia
Loizeaux (Wilson), Donna
Lonergan, Joyce
Lowell (Jerome), Carol
Martin, Dan
Palluotto (Berrier), Connie
Short (Kerr), Priscilla
Smith (Morgan), Anita
Trombley (Roberts), Donna
Unger (Adkinson), Astrid
Watters, David
Welton, Bernie
White, Dave
Wilbur (Leno), Jeanne
Wright (Walsh), Wendy
Zelazny, Lucille

Class of '66

Blanch, Bruce
Brown (Reed), Madine
Crossman (Currier), Carol
Fillioe, Kim
Scarborough, Robert

Class of '67

Brutkoski (Gokey), Joanne
Carr, Steve
Crossman (Peck), Audrey
Dean (Jakiela), Nancy
Devino (Cook), Sally
Gee (Kimball), Ellen
Howland, Michael
Keith, Terence
Kimball, Kip
LaPorte (Stanley), Helen
Mott, David
Parker (Pagano), Sally
Peck, Jeff
Sheldon (Ray), Mary
Tower, John
Wetmore (Raleigh), Joanne
Wisell, Robert

Class of '68

Birmingham (Grechko), Yvonne
Blittersdorf, Jim
Carr (LaBrecque), Carol
Comeau (McPhee), Christine
Foley, Roger
Gilligan (Grace), Mary Ellen
Griffin, Karen
Hier (Errecart), Joyce
LaPorte, Chuck
Lee, (Jaquith), Patti
Gregory, David
Martin (Lowell), Wanda
Osborne (Robinson), Nancy
Peck, James
West, Leonard
Wetmore (Hadeka), Debbie
Whitehorne, Gregory
Wisell, Rollin 'Ben'
Whittemore (Coleman), Diana

Class of '69

Anderson, Dave
Anderson (Dixon), Ivy
Baird, Robert
Bates (Larocque), Jackie
Bombard, Robin
Bushey, Thomas
Conway (Wisell), Patty
Elmore, Michael
Elnicki (Whitman), Donna
English, Steven
Fillioe (Martel), Shelley
Forrest (Morrison), Patricia
Forrest (Trombley), Sandra
Gilligan (Wetmore), Margaret
Griffin (Hughes), Cathy
Griffin, Deborah
Griffin, Michael
Kimball, Jeffrey
Kupfer, Ronald
Lizotte, Kenneth
Malcolm, Melissa
McCullough (Tower), Janice
McIntyre, John
Miner (Perry), Marie
Osborn, Edward
Patch (Bushey), Mary
Read (Sheron), Carolyn
Roberts (Wisell), Rebecca
Rowe (Shortsleeves), Jean
Ryea (Felion), Sandra
Schofield, Jeanie
Shortsleeves (Lussier), Sharon
Webster, Bruce
Wetmore, Keith

Class of '70

Beriau (English), Nancy
Bird, Steve
Blanch (Peck), Debbie
Breen, Peter
Cole (McNulty), Romona
Davies (Kenyon), JoAnne 'Jo'
Germond, James
Gilligan (French), Katy
Grace, Timothy
Harrison (Lathrop), Patty
Keith (Sirna), Colleen 'Kate'
Lessor, Leo
Masterton, Heather
Miner, Ernest
Parker, John
Petty, Philip
Pomainville, Gary
Renfrew (Bailey), Debra
Rowe (McGann), Gail
Russell, Philip 'Ted'
Snow (Theriault), Maggie
Torrey, Ken
Tower, Scott
Welton, Larry
Whitehorne, Christopher 'Kit'

Class of '71

Adams, Steven
Armitage, John
Beatty (Dukes), Jackie
Beck, Martha
Beck, Melissa
Browe, Ronald
Bruce (Crichton), Donna
Brutkoski, Sharon
Candon, Anne
Coursey (Hansberger), Arlene
Davies, (Wilson) Sherril
Davis, David
Eugair, David
Fallon (Browe), Roberta
Farnsworth (Hicks), Becky
Fillieo, Keith
Flanders, Regina
French, John
Gauthier, Gail
Gearwar, Albert 'Butch'
Griffin (Zutell), Janet
Hallet (Barr), Gail
Hasbrouck, David
Hetzel, Thomas
Honsberger, Peter
Hood (Tillberg), Karen
Howland, Thomas
Huntley (McCullough), Marjorie
Janoski (Clifford), Sharon
Kasper, John
Keith, Jon
Keith (Green), Margo
Kimball (Rubeor), Marlene
Kimball, Roger
Kupfer (Gates), Pamela
Lacombe (Mahren), Sue
LaDuke, Cris
LaFrance, Gregory
LaRock, Dennis
LaRock (Lurvey), Susan
Lemnah (Besemer), Susan
Loizeaux (Walton), Denise
Lowell (Bannister), Wanetta
Markowski, David
McKeighan, Dennis
Mckinlay, Helen
Mitchell, David 'Pike'
Monroe, Keith
Morse (Ayer), Patricia
Mulcahy, Daniel
Muscato, Deborah
Noel (Butler), Kathie
O'Keefe, Michael
O'Neil, Kenneth
Paul (Rainville), Kathy
Pitts, Lillian
Poro (Martin), Patricia Ann
Provin (Farnsworth), Pamela
Quenneville, Steven
Rantanen, John
Richardson, Charles
Rivers (Kupfer), Peggy
Roberts, Minnie
Rockwell (Smith), Pamela
Ronn, Karl
Russell, George
Sanders, Peter
Schroeter, Mark
Shackett, Michael
Sheldon (Kruszewiski), Ellen
Sherrer (Hayes), Betty
Smith (Faulkner), Angie
Smith, Kenneth
Smith (Nicklaw), Yvonne
Sposta, Roger
Sweet (Peterson), Marcia
Thornton, Mark
Tillberg (Miller), Angela
Whitehorne, Jonathan
Young, Thomas

Class of '72

Bertrand, Michael
Baily (Racine), Carol
Bird (Munger), Jennifer
Burke, Michael
Cadwell, Jared
Cole, Burton
Candon, Patti
Conway, Edward
Disorda, George
Fitzgerald, Brian
Gibson, Scott
Hetzel, Artie
Harvey, Janet
Korson, Allen
Ladd, Diane
Leduc, Roger
Mann (Paulson), Sue
Markowski, Stanley
New, Robert
Nichols (Hetzel), Patrica
Osborn, Phillip
Parker, Michael
Parker (Carter), Patricia
Racine, Robert
Richardson (Hanft), Joanne
Russell, Sally
Ryan (Brown-Evans), Marilyn
Schofield (Russell), Ellen
Sherrer (Chamberlain), Nancy
Thomas (Bastian), Dale
Torrey, Dana
Walker (Quesnel), Yvette
White (Davis), Dolores 'Dee'
Whitehorne, Stephanie

Class of '73

Beriau, Dawn
Beriau (Nichols), Joanne
Beriau (Scarborough-Kallen), Sue
Birmingham (Freshour), Jeanne
Davis (Young), Barbara
Eugair, Patrick
Foley, Gerald
Fjeld, George
Gallipo (Bryant), Charlene
Green, Vicki
Holden, Diane
Harvey, Kimber
Horton (Coutermarsh), Peggy
Johnson, David
Keith (Pidgeon), Joanie
LaPorte (Pate), Claire
McMaster, Charles
Mott (Mertz), Joyce
Page, Michael
Paul (Rappeno), Maureen
Pelkey, Bernard 'Tink'
Platt (Kilpeck), Judy
Pond (Stewart), Valerie
Renfrew, Joseph
Ricard (Disorda), Judy
Rowe, Wayne
Ryan, Becky
Seguin (Miner), Louise
Slater (Miner), Deb
Smith-Bierly, Nomi
Solomon, Edward
Stanton, Karen
Sweet (Knapp), Leslie
Terwilliger (LaRock), Jeanne

Class of '74

Babcock, Val
Beatty, Howard
Germond (Whitehorne), Janna
Gibson, Craig
Hasbrouck (Winston), Susan
Hetzel (Anderson), Theresa
Honsberger (Sortevik), Lisa
Kirby (Rowe), Robin
Knight, Cynthia
Lamoureux, Gary
LaRock, Rupert
Moser, Michael
Pfenning (Steele), Nancy
Pomainville (Baird), Bonnie
Read (Moureau), Marjorie
Russell, Edward 'Ted'
Russell (Williams), Sherry
Whitehorne, Jacqueline

Class of '75

Grace (Richards) Sue Ellen
Lamoureux-Hiroms, Sheri
Richards, Scott
Rideout (Carr), Beth
Robinson, Doug
Russell (Mayo), Josephine 'Dau'

Class of '76

Baird (Robinson), Bonnie
Candon, Willie
Carr, Bernie
Fillioe, Brian
Kennedy, Amie
Kimball, Wayne
McPadden, Thomas
Richardson (Watson), Mary
Ripley (Knapp), Ellen
Wiltz, Eric
Zutell, James

Class of '78

Cobb, Kelly
Hetzel (Piontek), Rosie
Palmer, Lois
Pfenning (Forrest), Rhoda

Class of '79

Russell, Mark

Class of '81

Booth (McCullough), Alison

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Rock On!

Artie '72 with Mrs.Rhinehardt!

Margo '71 & Deb '70... Can tumbling and the balance beam be far behind?

'65 Wendy & Mike!

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Marlene '71 & Hubby

Peanut Reed '69!

Debby '68

'65's OV Blanket!


Gary Unger '68


Guess Who?

'65 Janice & Lucille!

Lee Bertrand '67

R.I.P. Buddy

Betsy Livak '68... and,

Betsy Livak

Audrey & Jim

and, well... Audrey & Jim

Why do you two look so good?

Cris LaDuc & Spouse!

OV breakfast group.  Contact Mark Schroeter if interested.  We'll pick a spot between Rutland and Burlington on a Saturday to meet.

In the picture is Keith Fillieo, Mark Schroeter, Charlie Richardson and George Russell at Snaps in Bristol 9/17/11

 Colleen & Jack...
 Seaside Heights, N.J. '69

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Class of 1973


September 13th & 14th, 2013

The Class of '73 has set up some fun-filled activities for their upcoming Reunion!

On  Friday, Sept 13th we’ll be at the American Legion in Brandon after 7 PM, munchies and hopefully some music.

On Saturday, Sept 14th we have 30 or so going on the 'Spirit of Ethan Allen' Dinner/Dance Cruise.  At this point we may be able to add more people to the cruise so if anyone is interested in attending please contact Deb (Slater) Miner '
very soon' so that I can make arrangements for your  attendance

The bonds of our formative years are with us our entire lives... come, enjoy and be a  part of our shared experience and joy!

Deb Miner

Mega-Reunion II 2014!

Yes... it is happening... August 2014

  Otter Reunions are now where it's at!

Welcome '63s & '67s...

you now have your own web page!

...Stay Tuned...

On a somber note... It is with heartfelt  sadness (and joy) that Otters remember
our friends and classmates..


Chester 'Chet' Hallock '67

GOSHEN - Chester S. Hallock Jr., 65, died Saturday, May 18, 2013, at his home.He was born July 8, 1947, in Middlebury, the son of Chester S. and Esther (Hall) Hallock Sr.

He graduated from Otter Valley Union High School, Class of 1967, and enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps out of high school. He served in the Republic of Vietnam from 1967-1969, and received an honorable discharge in 1970. He continued his education in later life, graduating from The College of St. Joseph in Rutland in 1991, with a bachelor's degree.

He was employed for several years as a land surveyor for Spencer Company in Rutland, and had worked as a nurses' aide at the former Brandon Training School. He retired in 2001.

He enjoyed chess, fishing and puttering and playing poker.

He was a member of American Legion Post 55 in Brandon.

Survivors include two sons, Chester S. Hallock III of Goshen, and Shawn Hallock of Cornish, N.H.; a grandson; a brother, Gordon Hallock of Goshen; and two sisters, Dolores (Doty) McKeighan of Goshen, and Erma Jean Dressel of Olympia, Wash. He was predeceased by his parents and two sisters, Linda Hallock and Naomi Hallock.

Friends may call at the Miller & Ketcham Funeral Home, 26 Franklin St., Brandon on Tuesday, May 28, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The funeral will follow the calling hours at 1 p.m. at the funeral home, with the Rev. Richard White, pastor of the Brandon Congregational Church, officiating. Burial with full military honors will follow in the Goshen Community Cemetery in Goshen.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Addison County Home Health & Hospice, Middlebury, VT 05753-0754.


William L. Candon '76

PITTSFORD - William L. (Willy) Candon passed away on March 16, 2013, surrounded by his loved ones at his home in Pittsford. Willy faced his final brief illness and death on his own terms just as he lived his life.

He was born on November 9, 1957, to M. Lowth and Eleanor (Hartnett) Candon

He graduated from Otter Valley Union High School in 1976. After graduation he joined the U.S. Marine Reserves and worked the family farm for a number of years before joining Concrete Forming Systems of Pittsford, where he worked for the past 35 years.

Willy enjoyed life on the "little farm in the woods" which he shared with his best friend and loving companion Kelly Cobb. Together they worked the land, tended to their animals and more recently raised emus.

He is survived by Kelly, brothers James P. (Marjorie) Candon of Rutland, Matthew L. (Robin) Candon of Pittsford; sisters E. Anne Candon-Hill of Barre, Patricia M. Candon of Pittsford, Margaret C. Candon of New Orleans, LA; Elizabeth J. Candon, Clifton Park, NY.; a niece, several nephews and Kelly's daughters; Tracy Bryant (Matt Carrara) and Cheryl Reed (Chip) and his very special grandchildren, Ashley, Kaylee, Aden and Camille.

At Willy's request there will be no services; family and friends will gather at a later date to celebrate his life. Memorial contributions may be made to your favorite charity .

Arrangements are being handled by the Barnard Funeral Home in Pittsford


Debbie J. Russell-Sanborn
Class of 1972


Mr. Richard H. Breen

Otter Valley Principal 1961-1976

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