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Places to Stay

The Brandon Inn

20 Park Street   Brandon, Vt.  05733

(800) 639-8685

Brandon Motor Lodge

2095 Franklin Street
Brandon, Vt. 05733

(800) 675-7614

Cozy Cottages  (Formally, the Adams)

  1246 Franklin St. Brandon, Vt. 05733

  (802) 247-6644

Tue, Wed, Thur

Peter Honsberger

Picnic - Hike to Silver Lake (from Goshen side)

Dave Markowski

Otter Valley UHS

Pike Mitchell

Marcia with Betty Muscato!

Roger Kimball


Janet (Griffin) Zutell

Linda (Billings) Irby & Karen Griffin


Otter Valley Union High School

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'Coming Home'

Classes '61 & Beyond!

Heck, if you went to Brandon or Pittsford High Schools... BRING IT!

Please open the Registration form below, print it, fill it out and mail it in.
Please, don't forget that if you can help (big or small) with
 classmate assistance
it is greatly appreciated!

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Avid Anglers - Your Host Mr. Peter Honsberger - Class of '71

Come fly fish (or learn to) with us!  Call Me! My cell number is (615) 613-2652.

 I’ll be up there all week prior to the Reunion, hitting every stream within driving distance. Anyone that wants to join me, Wednesday through Friday, is welcome to do so.

 Here’s the latest:

Looks like Wednesday is going to be the Instructional/Refresher Course day. We’ll start with a couple of hours of instruction in the morning and then move to a river in the afternoon to try out those new skills. Angela Tillberg Miller, Denise Loizeaux Walton, and Roger Kimball are signed up. That about fills Wednesday’s class up. (I’m only one guy…) But if you are interested, special arrangements can be made for another day. Just let me know.

 Thursday we are going over the mountain, to fish the White and the Tweed. I’ve heard good things about both! Join Roger and I for that one.

 Friday is wide open! Love to have some company. Have rod will travel.

 Chuck, John, and Ken will join us as their schedule allows!

 If you’d like to fish, email me and I can let you know our schedule as it develops further schedule.

 Even if you don’t fish, remember we’re gathering at Sabby’s (now owned by John and Katy French) in Rutland Thursday night (let’s start to gather at 5:30pm) to eat and have some fun!

Signed up: Roger Kimball, John Armitage, Ken Smith, Denise (Loizeaux) Walton, Chuck Richardson, Angela Tillberg Miller, Phillip Osborn

If Pete's up to it maybe a little shore casting

Golf Outing - Your Hostess Ms. Anne Candon - Class of '71

  Can you believe July is here!  I wanted to reach out to each of you who have signed up to play golf at the upcoming OVUHS Reunion on Friday July 22nd.  I have 4 tee time reserved starting at 8:30 and it looks like we might need to add at least one more.  I have until July 10th to finalize the count with Neshobe. 
  Some of you have signed up and indicated that you might have an additional player joining you and I'd like to confirm the final count.  I am thinking that I could try to set up the foursomes before Friday morning and I know we have a range of experience and skill joining (this makes it fun).  I'd like to help everyone be comfortable and have an enjoyable day on the course, so I need some information from each of you.
  If each of you would provide me with the following information by July 10th, I'll get to work on this.  Of course nothing is carved in stone and we can adjust anyway and at any time.

  • Name of the players
  • Skill level of the golfers - for example you can give me, your handicap, average score for 18 holes, I play once a year, I've never played.....and YES Pike Mitchell I already know you are a "Pro."
  • If you and your guest want to play together or are comfortable playing with other
  • If you have someone you'd like to play with

My last conversation with Neshobe they indicated that the cost would be $49.00 which includes a cart.
I'm looking forward to see you all on the 22nd and over the weekend.  The organizer has done a great job pulling this weekend event together, it's going to be fun.
I do not have e-mail addresses for Greg LaFrance or Scott Gibson, so if any of you can pass this information along to them I'd appreciate the help.  Thanks.
Anne Candon
Class of 71

Signed up:  Anne Candon, Janet Griffin Zutell, Pike Mitchell, Steve English, Minnie Roberts, Greg LaFrance, Phil Petty plus 1, Ken O'Neil, Scott Gibson plus 1, Debbie Blanch Peck, Gary Pomainville, Jeff Kimball plus 1, Janice McCullough Tower & John Tower, Roger Kimball , Tom McPadden plus 1

Bonfire - with your Host Mr. David Markowski - Class of '71

   David has graciously offered the use of the Markowski Farmstead home on 3377 Fire Hill Rd  in Florence for our bonfire festivities. Thanks Dave!

Dave & Sue have really stepped it up here!   The Bocce Court is done and the Horseshoe pits will be ready!
  This is Gonna be a FUN NIGHT!

Peter is making signs to lead you... head to Florence off Rt. 7 (Kendall Hill Rd.) it's between Brandon & Pittsford, just before you get into the town of Pittsford or just as you are leaving Pittsford and heading to Brandon) then just follow the signs.

These earlier events allow folks to mingle and catch up... multiple events were a big hit the last time around because it allows everyone to actually spend time with everyone else and not miss someone.  We don't want anyone to say afterwords "oh, I wish I had spent more time with" or "I didn't get a chance to talk to". 

What we need... Please bring your own refreshments (BYOB).  Lawn Chairs!  If you have an extra one or two chairs please bring those as well... and, lastly if anyone has Portable Mosquito Tents please bring those. We will help you set them up and take them down.  Oh!
and bring a little Bug Spray.

There will be Appetizers, Hamburgers & Hot Dogs... so snuggle up to the campfire, roast your Marshmallows... assemble with Graham Crackers & Chocolate for Smores!   Relax, Laugh & Catch up with all your friends!

Tour -
Your personal guide Mr. David 'Pike' Mitchell - Class of  '71

Ever wonder what the hallowed rooms and halls of OV are like today?  Freshen your memories and recall some of the good moments with a tour of Good Ole' Otter Valley!

   From the lobby, auditorium and gym stroll down the corridors past your locker to the music room, laboratories, libraries and selected classrooms and on to the new fields and outside facilities... a real tour De force.

   Of course no tour would be complete without the guidance of  resident expert Pike Mitchell.  Not only does this  OV Seer, see and  know-all, he actually runs the place now!  Good humor and good fun... take a walk with Pike!

Caution!  To ensure a pleasant, informative tour please wear your Yankee caps and T-shirts!  And be absolutely certain NOT to wear any Red Sox apparel as Pike is known to become quite ill-tempered in the presence of Red Sox fans!

Branbury Beach

   Swimming, sunning and fresh air and all of your OV mates!  How can you beat that.  Did you know that Branbury got it's name in 1945 when it was designated a state park by combing the names Brandon and Salisbury?  I'm not certain if that was clever or stupid!

   What is GREAT is that Betty Muscato still runs the concession... something like 45 years and counting ...AMAZING!!!

Menu ~ a bunch of  ~ Italian, Roast Beef, Turkey & Ham Party Grinders from Gill's Delicatessen, Potato Salad, Cold Slaw & Baked Beans!  OH YEAH!

What we need... Please bring your own refreshments (BYOB).  Lawn Chairs!  If you have an extra one or two chairs please bring those as well... and, lastly if anyone has Portable Mosquito Tents and Bug Spray ...please bring those.  Brunch has a few more specifics!

Cocktails: Refreshments ~ Iced tea & Lemonade ~ cocktails and other beverages available for purchase at the bar.

Hors D’oeuvres: Vermont Cheese Board with Cheddar, Brie and Chevre with Fresh Fruit ~ Fresh Vegetable Crudités on a Mirror with Two Dips

Dinner:  Brandon Inn Mixed Garden Salad ~ tomatoes and seasonal salad vegetables marinated in a vinaigrette with your choice of homemade dressing; Seafood Salad ~ with vegetables, white fish, sea legs and shrimp; Warm German Potato Salad ~ with onions and bacon; Fresh Fruit Salad ~ with Grand Marnier; Atlantic Harvest ~ salmon, scallops, shrimp, crab-meat & white fish in a light sherry cream sauce; Top Round of Roast Beef Au Jus; Honey Glazed Baked Ham; Vegetarian Lasagna; Fresh Baked Breads, Rice and Potatoes and in season vegetables; and Assorted Dessert Display, Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee and Tea.

Dancing:   Early on die hard classic rock fan Roger brought up the idea of having live music.  Through his efforts and Thanks to the generosity of our classmates
we are proud to present LIVE the Wyld Nightz Band Vermont's premier classic rock band!  Check out their playlist of memorable songs.

Now, let's see if we can get a few of own talented musicians to bring their instruments to the bonfire, beach and dance!  I know who you are! ;-)

Brunch - Your Hostess Ms. Janet (Griffin) Zutell - Class of '71

 Janet has graciously opened her doors for our finale.  Wrap up your memories, say hello to someone that you haven't had a chance to talk with and get that last phone number that you must have.  Do it all in style with a hearty brunch and don't forget to bring your swimming suits for a dip in the pool!

 Croissants, Danishes, Fruits & Pancakes... Coffee & More!!!!

We will have directions (a map) to Janet's printed and will pass them out at the Dinner... WooHoo!

What we need... Please bring your own refreshments (BYOB).  Lawn Chairs!  If you have an extra one or two chairs please bring those as well... and, lastly if anyone has Portable Mosquito Tents and Bug Spray ...please bring those.  email us and let us know!  More coming!!!

Hello... for the rest of our lives!  We'll see you at the Reunion!


Mosquito/Shade/Screen Tent(s)... David & Dolores Davis... that's one, can we get one or two more... Who knows if we even need them but lets be prepared!

Decoration... Who is not going on the Tour or can be a little late to the Beach and can be at the Inn at around 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. on Saturday and can put up some balloons & streamers?

Registration (Badges etc.)... Anne & Patti Candon

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